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Web Design 1011:  Interoperability, Accessibility, Compliance, & Branding.    

Web Design and Composition: The fine art of branding content without dilution

Layout defines the arrangement and embellishment of scrolling content, and is best controlled centrally from a single cascading style sheet. Composition is the visual structure and layout of fixed or non-scrolling features of a web page such as branding, navigation, advertising, and badges.


Separation of Generic and Unique Content in Web Design

A vitally important web design aspect of composition is the visual separation of generic content from specific content. Generic content is best limited to fixed panels with unique content in a single scrolling panel. The use of differential backgrounds to clearly mark the boundary between generic and unique content zones allows the visitor to focus more easily on the unique content until s/he arrives at a decision and the eyes move out towards the margin of the page, usually up and right - where it is just as easy to focus on the appropriate generic content. This enhancement does not diminish branding. If anything, it amplifies both the site identity and the message imparted by the unique content by allowing the user to see the same page in two ways:

  1. Identification - whereby the site identity and utilities are readily recognised & used.
  2. Assimilation - whereby the message and content are absorbed & reinforced

This technique effectively reinforces the reception of your message while associating it with your site's identity - particularly if the composition is consistent throughout the site. RealmEleven specialises in content clarity and brand amplification in web design.